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See What Our Patients Think About Our Weight Loss Programs

“I was trying to lose weight for a very long time but was missing something.  What I realized I was missing was accountability. Without Dr. Keller’s one-on-one contact on a daily basis I wouldn’t have been able to lose 52lbs. And go down from a 48 waist size to 36 waist size.  She has become my health partner and a lifetime friend!”                                                                             

“I have been trying to lose weight for over 20 years.  I have not had any success until I started Dr. Keller’s program.  It has taught me to eat healthier and to treat my body with better care.  Dr. Keller has given me confidence and hope to continue this healthy journey through my life.”                          

“I’m on day 16 of the program and already down 12lbs.  I am feeling incredible—with a lot of energy and strength!  I am excited to see what happens as I continue on this journey with Dr. Keller and her team!                               
  - Josh

“ I am down 35.6 lbs.- I feel awesome!  I no longer crave sweets and find that unhealthy foods make me sluggish and I am turned off by them. My clothes fit me so much better and my friends and family look at me like I am a completely             different person.  I couldn’t ask for a more inspiring and caring health coach as Dr. Keller.”                                                                              
- Linda

“When I started the program I weighed 260 lbs, after 42 days I lost 32.4 lbs.  I have continued to implement the healthy lifestyle I learned form Dr. Keller and am now down 203 lbs.  I am no longer on blood pressure medication.  I could not thank Dr. Keller enough she is not only a health coach but a friend who cares about everyone she helps.”                                              


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