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Weightloss programs that are individualized towards your condition and your goals


Reach Your Goals:

To help you reach your goals, our weight management program features homeopathic products designed to help patients overcome dietary pitfalls. These time tested homeopathic supportive ingredients help temporarily relieve symptoms such as hunger and mood imbalance while completing the program. Our program is based on a calorie restricted diet and protocol.


Stories Of Success!


Our plans consist of:


We begin with a thorough health assessment to determine eligibility. This is followed by  computerized body analysis providing specific results including weight,  BMI, body fat percentage, visceral fat, hydration and metabolic age. Our program is accompanied by a detoxification program which is simple. Our program is individualized and intended for patients whose primary focus is losing weight. You cam expect a dramatic decrease in secondary fat reserves.

Our patients are enjoying many health benefits. It is not unusual for our patients to report taking less medication for Hypertension, Diabetes, or High Cholesterol. patients report increased energy, improved mood,  and long lasting maintaining of their goal weight

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